No one likes to toot their own horn. Or maybe you do, and if you do, good for you!

But if you don’t like tooting your own horn, but you have some kind of business or passion or endeavor that requires telling your story, or a story that includes you as a character, and that the telling of this story would be beneficial to you in some way (helping to promote some aspect of your creativity or business), I might be able to help you. I like telling stories, especially good stories about good people. Or maybe you just want me to put my eagle eye on a story you’ve written, and give it a little extra wing power. I can do that too!

Some things I’ve worked on:

Six Mile Grove- it’s a band, which my husband happens to be in, which makes it pretty easy to horn toot and tell great stories.

Bob Wootton-the legendary guitarist that played with Johnny Cash for 30 years, who happens to play with my husband’s band sometimes.

Emily Griffith-the most incredibly personal and heart felt photographer I’ve ever known.

Simple Soaps for Simple Folks- a great local product made by a sweet tree hugging friend of mine (with the help of her goats).

Personal Resumes, Interview preparation, etc.


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