Floral Art

Getting married? Having a party? Is your daughter/son going to a fancy dance and needs flowers for their date?

Did you make an oopsy and need to say you’re sorry in a big BIG way?

 I’ve been designing flowers since I was in college (15 years ago and counting!) and worked for the prestigious flower shop “Stems and Vines.”  I was trained in the european style of floral design; hand tied bouquets, hand wired and taped flowers for boutonnieres and corsages. My designs are fresh, artful confections. I can satisfy many aesthetics, from modern to whimsical, antique to tropical. I do all the work myself. I go to the wholesaler and pick the freshest, loveliest flowers to match the style and theme of your event. I carefully process all flowers for 2 days before use to ensure quality and longevity, and I create every design with my own two hands. What I love most about designing flowers, is that it gives me the opportunity to interpret a union of two personalities, or the vibe of an event, with flowers, which are a live, though fleeting medium. I try to find the soul, and reflect it in the flowers.

I am a freelance floral artist, which helps YOU because I don’t have the same level of overhead that a flower shop does (rent, employees, etc.) Oftentimes this translates to more bang for your buck. If you’re planning a special event, I’d love to hear more about it, and we could dream up what flowers might give it some extra zing. Feel free to contact me at heatherrit@yahoo.com to schedule an appointment. Or, if you’re busy, or live out of town, I’ve conducted full consultations and executed events entirely via email as well. I try to make your flowers the one thing that you’re NOT stressed out about!


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