Music Monday

Music rocks… and so does Bob Wootton. He was Johnny Cash’s guitar player for 30 years (think Folsom Prison, Boy Named Sue, Ring or Fire…) Through a crazy string of events, he’s now a friend of ours, and he was in PINE ISLAND, MN last weekend tearing up some Johnny Cash tunes at the Olde Pine Theater just down the street from our house.

Bob Wootton was a Johnny Cash fan for years. He had 10 of his records before he had a record player to listen them with. He knew all of Johnny’s songs, and played them at bars with his band “The Commancheros” back in the 60’s. One day, he was tending bar, and some guy offered him a ride to Fayetteville, AK to see Johnny play. Bob quit his job, and hopped a bus. As luck would have it, Johnny’s band was delayed, and he was without a guitar picker. Bob’s friend caught June’s attention and told her that Bob knew all Johnny’s songs, and Bob was invited backstage. Johnny handed him a guitar, and Bob never put it down. 44 year later, still rockin it. Bob followed his dreams, saw a chance, and took it… What is your dream? If a bus pulled outside your door right now, where would it take you?

OK so I took the picture with my phone… I’m a LOT of things, but a photographer just isn’t one of them… that’s what my BFF Emily Griffith is for…

So anyway, I’ve decided to try to blog about music on Mondays, and today I’ve got Bob Wootton and the fabulous band Six Mile Grove on my mind. Something about hearing those old Johnny Cash songs makes me want to wear a dress with a skirt that flips around when you dance, flounce-y like, you know what I mean? And I might need a pair of cat eye glasses too… Looks like some vintage shopping is in order! …and I digress!

Check out this clip of my honey pie Brandon wailing on a harmonica… crazy! (this clip ISN’T from the Olde Pine Theater, but I’m sure someone out there has some video footage of the show,and if you do! (or pics) please feel free to post links in the comments area, so we can all see them!

So Brandon and I are working on our Dovetailers gig a bit more. We’re playing on Saturday night in Wabasha at the Broadway theater around 7:30ish with the awesome John Wheeler on steel and dobro. I’ve been working on some harmonies for some of Brandon’s new songs, and it’s been an interesting creative process. See Brandon’s been singing his whole life. He’s really good at it. It’s his talent (that, and being an amazing quarterback in high school and college, among other things). For me, singing is, well, terrifying… and fun. And I love the creative process of not really knowing where things are going to go. When we work on songs together, writing, or singing, it’s a RAW opportunity to cultivate communication skills, patience, and also well, some cojones. I’m a slow poke. Brandon is a fireball. He wants me to figure it out NOW! I want to figure it out TOMORROW!

So I guess I’m telling you about this, because I am declaring my own commitment to choosing, when a creative opportunity presents itself to me (of ANY kind), not to put all these silly limitations, or fears, or preparations on it. I’m just going to DIVE ON IN from now on. No more fear or insecurity. Just curiosity and bravery.

So I’m curious friends, what kind of music inspires you and why? What is your creative process, and what is holding you back from diving into it the moment as soon as you have the chance?

May we all be blessed to see the opportunities we have in every moment to create everything we wish! Whether it’s a healthier relationship with ourselves, a balanced budget, paint on a canvas, or a song to sing. Om. Amen. Hallelujah!


3 Replies to “Music Monday”

  1. No joke…I was rocking it out to Cash AND 6 Mile Grove on my ipod while painting something for my living room tonight….and reminiscing of the days I followed the band all over MN. You were spot on today! There is something wonderful about inspiration that comes from that football star (yep! I remember all of the girls in my class being smitten for your honey pie! For the record, I thought he was arrogant…and i couldn’t have been more wrong!). What tunes for next Monday?!?

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