auld lang syne…

Ok. So the past is dead. Gone. If you regret anything that happened an hour ago, a day ago, a year ago, a decade ago, TOO BAD! TOO LATE! It’s OVER! So before the New Year begins, take a little time to think about all the regrets, the grief, the embarassments, the shame, and bury it once and for all. Seriously. Even write them all down. Every single thing. The times you weren’t as “good” as you are now, the times you hurt others, the times you could have done better… And then take the list and burn it. You can’t do anything else with it, except carry it with you, and let it weigh you down and make you feel like crap… and WHO wants that? I don’t want it for me, and I really don’t want it for YOU! As of this very moment, there are only 31 hours and 37 minutes left of 2011. It is almost dead. It is breathing near it’s last breaths. So how will you live these last hours of 2011? In a state of self-criticism for all you DIDN’T accomplish? With a fierce determination to make 2012 BETTER?

Here’s the other thing, the future, the time for perfection, for more patience, more skinny-ness, more love, more happiness, the time for dreams fulfilled, the time for finally-getting-our-shit-together, well, my friends, that hasn’t happened YET! And we don’t know WHAT will happen, or HOW it will happen, and we have NO control over it! And obsessing about it now doesn’t do a darn thing about what’s in store. It’s already written. Death doesn’t care who we were yesterday, nor is the future holding it’s breath for us.

click here for some beautiful musical inspiration thanks to Ingrid Michaelson 

What we do have is THIS moment. Right now. This one. The in breath, and then the out breath. Birth. Death. Birth. Death. Birth. Death. When you breathe in, how do you breathe? Are you gasping? Are you hungry? Are you scared? What would happen if you relaxed your nose, your throat, your belly, your lungs, and allowed your breath to slowly and deliciously bless your body with every inhale? And when you breathe out, are you all too excited to get it out, push it out, get rid of it, move on to the next breath? What if  you let your breath empty slowly, without being in a hurry? What if we got out of the way and let the breath do it’s work? Then the present moment would be delightful. And we’d have this magical tool to deal with a moment that challenges us, right? So what if, what IF, instead of wasting time on regrets, or obsessing about what we can’t control, we just sat down and got real comfortable in THIS moment, the ONLY one we have. How would you look at your beloveds? What would you do with your time, if you didn’t have the guarantee of tomorrow to start being “better” or playing with your kids more, or spending less time on facebook?

THIS moment is all we have. I am thankful for it. The past exhausts me, and also inspires me. The future excites me, and worries me. But this moment feels just right. I feel free. I can take care of business. Whether that’s cleaning a toilet NOW, because it only takes two minutes (and let’s be honest, is there EVER a PERFECT moment to clean a toilet?), or turning off my computer NOW, because it distracts me from my REAL life, or remembering to breathe when my sweet faced 6 year old is giving me att-i-tude.

JOIN ME. TIME IS A WASTING! There is no one else to be. Nothing else to do. Let’s be our best us now. NO MORE EXCUSES. NO MORE WAITING. NO MORE LAMENTING. NO MORE DOUBTING.

Just us, in it to win it. Double snap hand clap breathe in breath out secret handshake.



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