sOMething happy on this sunny tuesday!

My husband is very dedicated to my blog. He told me I needed a light post. His words: “You were just plugging along, and then suddenly things just got dark, and then they got darker.” So, if I really wanted to, I could now go into a whole analysis of aversion to darkness and blahty-blahty-blah… But I’m not gonna do that. I’m gonna give you happy. And brief. How’s that for a change of pace?

Below are some pics of some wedding flowers I did in August. They are some of the most wild and unfettered floral arrangements I have ever made. I would go as far as to call them fecund. I actually learned of the word fecund recently when I was putting together some corsages for the Rochester Art Center, for their most recent installment. One of the artists, Isa Newby Gagarin, titled her exhibit, Sea of Fecundity, and I loved it. The textures, the juxtaposition of images, the aliveness, and well, to be totally honest, the virility of it. That’s what fecund means. Oh heck, here’s a piece of her artwork, so you can see for yourself.

The corsage I made for her was somehow seedy… in a good way. The opposite of sterile, whatever that word is… FECUND!

FECUND: 1. greatly productive; fertile (thanks!)

So as I return from my brief digression, I made some purty purty flowers for my friend’s wedding. I’ll call them Ada and Niko. (I’m not sure how many people appreciate being blogged about, so let me know your thoughts on this friends…) These two are a lovely couple, good friends, good people, good parents, contributing to the creative and collective community aspects of the city of Rochester, MN in ways you can’t even imagine. They’re quite a dynamic couple: pair a jeans-baseball-cap-wearing sweet small town boy-chef, with a blue-topaz-eyed-world-traveling anthropologist-community leader. See, you wish you knew them, don’tcha? Well, maybe you do! ; )

Their flowers needed to be SPECTACULAR. And I will go right ahead and toot my own horn and say it, they were. I worked on her bouquet for about 2 1/2 hours, before it came together. Every moment of putting their flowers together was a creative high; challenging myself to try things I’ve never tried before, facing creative blocks, and moving through them. So enough chatter. Here’s the florals. The inimitable Olive Juice Studios took these pictures, and I’m so thankful they were willing to take the lens away from those beautiful lovers for a few shots to include the flowers as part of the story! May we all invest in a love that sustains us, inspires us, and challenges us, every day. May we be fertile, FECUND, in the ways we contribute to this world, with creativity and generosity!

Om. Amen. Hallelujah!







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