Dovetail: v. 2: to connect or combine precisely or harmoniously

Have you ever heard of a “dovetail” wood joint? Open a drawer to your dresser, and you might notice that the sides of the drawer are connected via a dovetail joint. It’s one of the strongest joints in carpentry; it is incredibly difficult to pull it apart once it has been joined, and rarely even needs glue, or screws, or other supports to keep the connection. When used as a verb, dovetail is defined as a means to “connect or combine precisely or harmoniously.”

Brandon, my husband, likes to sing and play guitar. I like my husband, and I like to spend time with my husband. And I like to sing and play guitar; not as much as he does, but enough to get better at it so he’ll let me do it with him so I can spend time more with him.  So we’ve found ourselves in a place where we actually like to sing and play guitars together! (translation: I’m decent enough that Brandon will be “heard” with me). We needed a name. So we decided to call ourselves “The Dovetailers.” I don’t even know how we came across the word, but it makes sense. We want our partnership to be intrinsically strong, inseparable even, and simple; we don’t need a lot more than each other. And we want harmony; not just when our voices mix together, but in our lives. We want to be able to pick up where the other left off; whether that’s handing off the baby, or the dog, or the frying pan, or the vacuum cleaner, one of us is often finishing the job the other one started. Or maybe the baby is crying, and “phineas and ferb” is blaring on the television, and the dog is barking, and we can find some sense of satisfaction in the harmony of THAT TOO!

So we’re the Dovetailers, and we’re singing some songs together, songs about love (mostly) and a little heartbreak, and some humor and whatever else we stumble across! We are singing tonight at the preview party for “ARTrageous” (, an amazing art show that is happening at the Barlow Event Center, featuring the work of 20 local artists in a variety of medias: paintings, photography, textiles, glass-making, ceramics, and more. We’re playing from 5:00-8:00, with a short break somewhere in the middle there. So if you like art, and want to find something fun and inspiring to do the night before Thanksgiving, now you have somewhere to be! Johnny Mango is catering super chow food: We’d love to see you there! OM. AMEN. HALLELUJAH!

Song of the day, with a “dovetailing” theme: Birds of a Feather, by the Civil Wars: 

Here’s a sweet pic that our dear friend and amazing photographer Emily Griffith ( took of us at her studio performing a few weeks ago! (yes, that is a bowl of candy corn on the table between us).


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