The sacred bonfire of ONE!

I’ve just returned from an awesome weekend retreat with my beloved teacher Shiva. We celebrated the 11.11.11 full moon with a weekend focused on creating one breath, collective consciousness, and unity. We danced and sang and wrote collective poetry and listened and spoke and moved and flowed. One of the primary questions of the weekend was: “What are you surrendering to the sacred bonfire? What behavior, thought pattern, action, or feeling is like a tight shoe that you keep wearing even though it hurts, or a dead end road that you keep going down even though you know where it’s heading?” “What kind of selfishness are you holding on to?” “What could you give up to be MORE FREE? LESS ANGRY? MORE EMPOWERED? LESS AFRAID? MORE CONNECTED? LESS ALONE??” The time is now, my friends. The time is now to become who you are, who you were meant to be, to own the light inside you, to acknowledge it, with confidence, to radiate it, with love and devotion. Changing the world seems like too big a task to dream of enacting, but it starts with you. So blessings to you today. May we all overcome our obstacles through perseverance and grace; may we all arise from the muck of our humanity with humility and radiance; may we experience forgiveness for ourselves, for all past actions and regrets, and in doing so cultivate forgiveness for each other, for every transgression, no matter how big or small. May we be filled with the kind of love that inspires responsibility, in our actions, our deeds, our words. And may we all find our way back to the very mystery of our existence, the curious gift of our lives, our deepest purpose, the embrace of the one. Om. Amen. Hallelujah!


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